Love Grows Here!

Prospect Park United Methodist Church serves as a base camp that provides spiritual and intellectual food for a vibrant Reconciling Congregation of questioners and curious spiritual trekkers. Together we work and play, shaping an open space to grow in spirit while learning from each other.

This summer, on the first Sunday of June, July, and August, we’ll be creating that ‘open space‘ in the great outdoors! Join us for Sunday service on Tower Hill. Download the Summer 2015 Outdoor Worship Flyer for details.

We’d also love to see you as part of the Tres Iglesias Habitat for Humanity work crew July 13-24. Click here for more information and links to the online sign-up page.

“Think of the year as a house: door flung wide in welcome,
threshold swept and waiting,
a graced spaciousness opening and offering itself to you.
Here let the weary come let the aching come
let the lost come let the sorrowing come.
Here let them find their rest and let them find their soothing
and let them find their place and let them find their delight.
And may it be in this house of a year
that the seasons will spin in beauty,
and may it be in these turning days that time will spiral with joy.
And may it be that its rooms will fill with ordinary grace
and light spill from every window to welcome the stranger home.”

— Excerpt from “The Year as a House: A Blessing” in The Painted Prayerbook by Jan L. Richardson


Sunday Coffee & Conversation 9:30 AM • Sunday Worship 10:00 AM • Childcare provided
Prospect Park United Methodist Church • 22 Orlin Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Office: 612-378-2380 • Office Email: ProspectParkUMC@gmail.com
Pastor Chris Kliesen Wehrman • Pastor’s Cell Phone: 612-965-0178
Pastor’s Email: DragonFlize@earthlink.net