Sunday Worship

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me!”
He knew the world considered children of little worth. They were powerless in every way but their innate ability to engender tenderness and wonder. Infants, toddlers; children have no voice in the halls of governance. Jesus knew the fragility of the youngest lives, and he called them to him. He knew their power, beloved by God. Today we celebrate a baptism. There is joy in inviting God and God’s ways to make a home in this barely-begun life and in the community into which this child is born. We think, too, about how God and God’s ways make a home in us, and in the Base Camp of our church community. Together near and far, we will celebrate, keep the gift of Sabbath, sing and pray; reflect, refuel, and refresh our sense of reverence!


We’ll take a dance and bio break as we segue from worship to hospitality in Community Hall, or conversation in the sanctuary. 

Today’s Dance Party: Take Me to the River, Eva Cassidy, Blues Alley Jazz Club, 2015 (3:55)
To see the original by the mighty Al Green at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction 1995:

Today’s Conversation: Road Trip! An experiement in a getting to know you conversation. Everyone is invited to stay and talk. 

We will need to finish at 11:45.

However, it is now being repaired! 
The final part is on its way, and the service will be done as soon a possible.
Meanwhile, remember that you are welcome to use the sidewalk accessibility ramp entrance on the east side of the building to the chapel door.
and if you need help getting in or out, or dropping something off, don’t hesitate to ask and arrange for assistance.
All prayers for a speedy ‘fix’ are encouraged!

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