Sermons (Page 3)

Heaven Between the Lines

This final Sunday in July we return to the Base Camp of our church community to rest, reflect, refuel, and restore our sense of reverence. We’re taking a long walk through the fields with Jesus! He’s trying to explain heaven on earth – in the midst of dust and weeds, tattered nets and hidden coins. “You see, heaven is insidious, it sneaks up on you! Except it’s also right in front of you – like a horizon or a carrot on a stick. Or heaven is in your pocket, close to hand, yet out of sight.” It’s like… It’s like… It’s like…” Let’s wonder together – and sing and pray. Let’s make like the fields – and grow.

Is it Time?

This third Sunday in July we return to the Base Camp of our church community to rest, reflect, refuel, and restore our sense of reverence. We turn again to Jesus’ lessons in the fields and encounter the riddle of the wheat and the weeds. We’ll ponder and play: Where do weeds come from? Who decides what is weedy? When? How do we get ourselves “into the weeds,” and back out? Let’s wonder – and sing and pray and simply savor this chance to gather.

Sowing by the 3 Cs

This week’s Reflection is grounded in the well-known parable of the sower and the seed, found in Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23. The message was prefaced by a video from Ted & Company, entitled, “The Sower and the Seed,” which uses the rich metaphor of making soup from a variety of ingredients.


This morning – the first Sunday in July – we celebrate the arrival of summer! The earth still turns and observes its galactic pathways in the faithful rhythm of Creation. Glory be! We gather, too, in faithful rhythm. We return week by week to the Base Camp of our church community to rest, reflect, refuel, and restore our sense of reverence. And then we will send each other out again – with courage, curiosity and compassion – to address the enormous needs at hand and LIVE the GLORY of this singular SUMMER!

We Are What We Eat/Read/Choose: OR As Close as I’ll Get to Fire & Brimstone

We are what we eat. We’ve heard that. What else? We are what we read? What we sing? What we build? We are what (and who and how) we choose! We are who we (love/live beside/vote for). We are also what we do – and/or think – and/or imagine. And our lived experience demonstrates that every action leads to consequence. Let’s be honest with each other. How’s it working for us? The BIG us? The whole kit and caboodle?

Progenitor, Papa and Playmate

Progenitors, papas; playmates, fathers have many faces. This Sunday we are mindful of the fathering people in our lives that plant and challenge and cheer us on. We consider the simple actions of “the other” Joseph and the impact of his faithfulness. In this time of isolation, unrest and uncertainty, we pray for creative power, sound plans, and purposeful action toward the day when every father’s child walks in love and justice.

Let the Streets Preach

Once in the midst of an act of civil disobedience – we now think of as Palm Sunday – certain authorities challenged Jesus. “Your people are too loud; disruptive. Tell your people to hush!” they said. They did this in the name of keeping peace. Jesus was wiser and in this for the long run. He knew peace is the offspring of justice. He said something like, “I could do that. But if the people shut their mouths, if they swallow their shouts, if they defer the truth that is on their tongues….if that, then the streets themselves will shout, demand; cry out.” Now, the streets of our city are speaking volumes. It is time to listen.

Trinity: A Reflection on the Color Wheel

Today is Holy Trinity Sunday in the tradition of the church. The day on which theologians often jovially wish one another, “Good luck with that!” This year is less jovial. Why would we spend our energy on a philosophical construct when the specific historical/spiritual moment calls instead for blood, sweat and tears? But wait! That’s a trinity, too, or is it? Trinity is a matter of relationship. Nothing could be more urgent, more central to our collective need. In the image of the triune God we roll up our sleeves and get PRESENT and CREATIVE, and we get on the ground and start LOVING and HEALING and we offer our many and diverse gifts and combine as a MOVEMENT toward TRANSFORMATION. Creator, Christ and Constant Companion, be with us as we gather – and celebrate graduates!

When is Fire Good News?

We gather to celebrate Pentecost, a great sending, the sending out of the disciples, closest students of Jesus previously sequestered in fear, whose mouths are suddenly opened by the coming of Holy Spirit in wind and flame. With fires raging in our cities, it is crucial that we hear the truth pouring from the open throats, raw with smoke. We must question whatever is comfortable for us and us alone, and yet again turn our hands and hearts to the tasks of justice. Let’s come together to sing and pray, lament and renew God’s direction in us.

Going Home to Where You’ve Never Been

We come together in the name of our Creating God, who calls us to be a blessing to one another and to the whole wide world. On this Sunday particularly, we remember and commemorate – we recall and honor; memorialize. We open ourselves to reminders from our past, memories and the lessons of the people and events of our history. Our collective memories are long – memories of war and peace, sacrifice and loss, and homecoming. Our personal memories embroider them all. Together, we will work to remember well and carefully, so that we may find a fruitful way forward.