Sermons by Rev. Holly Aastuen

Moving Forward: By Another Road

We are in the liturgical season of Epiphany. It begins with the arrival of the Wise Ones, the ones who held precious the prophecy of ages and followed the signs to the Star of Bethlehem. The ones who were led across the desert on a previously unknown road to find the Prince of Peace. These same Wise Ones discovered, also, a threat snaking its way beneath the veneer of peaceful platitudes, one that caused them to – once again – travel by another, new road. The sumptuous gifts they leave behind will resource yet another desert journey to be taken. What might we hear in this ancient story that guides us on the next leg of our own journey? It is winter, and the Base Camp of our church community is warm. Let’s keep the gift of Sabbath; rest a bit in community; sing and pray together; reflect, refuel, and refresh our sense of reverence.