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The Pentecost Project: A Vocal Orchestration

A video based on Acts 2:1-17 and Ezekiel 37:1-14 Readers: Jan Ekern, David Nyberg, Mary Parish, Steve Ozanne, Kathy Webb, Tony Williams; Chris Kliesen WehrmanWritten, directed; illustrated by Chris Kliesen WehrmanVideo by Steve Ozanne, recorded separately, combined & compiled Click “play” below to hear Pastor Chris’ introduction to the video above:

When is Fire Good News?

We gather to celebrate Pentecost, a great sending, the sending out of the disciples, closest students of Jesus previously sequestered in fear, whose mouths are suddenly opened by the coming of Holy Spirit in wind and flame. With fires raging in our cities, it is crucial that we hear the truth pouring from the open throats, raw with smoke. We must question whatever is comfortable for us and us alone, and yet again turn our hands and hearts to the tasks of justice. Let’s come together to sing and pray, lament and renew God’s direction in us.