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What Belongs to God?

Isaiah’s vision of a world without violence may be the deepest song of our hearts to this day. How shall we carry that vision to abundant fruition? How shall we be citizens of both heaven and earth? What of us belongs to which? It is likely we will answer with differences, because we are different – by design! There is room for all of us – and need for each of us – in the world and in the Base Camp of our church community, where we regularly gather to rest and reflect, refuel, and refresh our sense of reverence.


This morning – the first Sunday in July – we celebrate the arrival of summer! The earth still turns and observes its galactic pathways in the faithful rhythm of Creation. Glory be! We gather, too, in faithful rhythm. We return week by week to the Base Camp of our church community to rest, reflect, refuel, and restore our sense of reverence. And then we will send each other out again – with courage, curiosity and compassion – to address the enormous needs at hand and LIVE the GLORY of this singular SUMMER!