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Step by Step, Grace Upon Grace

Bishop David Bard, resident bishop of the Michigan Conference and the Minnesota Conference’s interim bishop in 2021, shares his commitment to working with Minnesota United Methodists toward a more vital and vibrant Methodism in Minnesota; to keeping before us our gospel imperatives of growing in love of God and neighbor, reaching new people, and healing a broken world; and to helping us live into the aspirational vision we adopted in 2019. He also reminds us that the journey will be…

Right Relationship

September begins a new season of Base Camp in our church community. We gather to reflect and to rest, refuel, and restore a sense of reverence – and wherever we are gathered in Jesus’ name, Spirit attends. This week Jesus continues his nomadic course in Justice with a lesson on conflict management. One on one, or as groups – congregations, communities, culture – how do we live out diversity and navigate our deep differences? Let’s talk.