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May Community Concert Series supports Voices for Racial Justice

Twin Cities-based duo My Anchor Holds performs an original song, their reflection on the murder of George Floyd entitled, I Can’t Breathe.The benefitting social service organization is Voices for Racial Justice, committed to building power through collective cultural & healing strategies across Minnesota. To listen to this month’s song and make a donation, visit: https://www.prospectparkchurch.org/calendar-events/community-concert-series/

Pastor’s Corner: July 2020

I have long been fascinated by what Jesus looked like at the time he walked the dusty paths of Nazareth. I noticed early and often that the images of Jesus I encountered in the painting in the Sunday School classroom, in the stained-glass window in the sanctuary (pictured), and the small one in a book in my grandmother’s house looked nothing at all like one another.