The Wisdomkeeper and the 3: Head Woman, Healing Tears and Creator Helps Him

SCRIPTURE: Shining Light Tells the Good Story 10:38-42 (Luke 10:38-42)
First Nations Version, an Indigenous Translation of the New Testament

38 As they journeyed on, they went to a village where a woman named Head Woman (Martha) gave them lodging at her house. 39 Her sister Healing Tears (Mary), who lived with her, sat next to Creator Sets Free (Jesus) on the floor, listening to his teaching.

As their Wisdomkeeper, Creator Sets Free (Jesus) would teach the men who gathered around him, but this would not have been proper for a woman of that culture.

40 Head Woman (Martha) was distracted, trying to get the meal ready for the honored guests. When she saw Healing Tears (Mary) sitting down she walked up to Creator Sets Free (Jesus) and said, “Wisdomkeeper, do you not care that my sister has left me to work alone? Tell her to help me.” 41”Head Woman (Martha), O Head Woman (Martha),” he said, “I know many things worry and trouble you. 42 But you must set your heart on the one thing that matters. That is what Healing Tears (Mary) has done, and I will not take it from her.”


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