Frayed but Unafraid

Frayed but Unafraid

SCRIPTURE: Gift From Creator Tells the Good Story 5:1-11 (Matthew 5:1-11)
First Nations Version, an Indigenous Translation of the New Testament
Italics here are part of the translation.

1 When Creator Sets Free (Jesus) saw the great crowd, he went back up into the mountainside and sat down to teach the people. His followers came to him there, 2 so he took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and began to share his wisdom with them and teach them how to see Creator’s good road.

3 “Creator’s blessing rests on the poor, the ones with broken spirits. The good road is theirs to walk.
4 “Creator’s blessing rests on the ones who walk a trail of tears, for Creator will wipe the tears from their eyes and comfort them.
5 “Creator’s blessing rests on the ones who walk softly and in a humble manner. The earth, land, and sky will welcome them and always be their home.
6 “Creator’s blessing rests on the ones who hunger and thirst for wrongs to be made right again. They will eat and drink until they are full.
7 “Creator’s blessing rests on the ones who agree merciful and kind to others. Their kindness will find its way back to them – full circle.
8 “Creator’s blessing rests on the pure of heart. They are the ones who will see the Great Spirit.
9 “Creator’s blessing rests on the ones who make peace. It will be said of them, “They are the children of the Great Spirit!’
10 “Creator’s blessing rests on the ones who are hunted down and mistreated for doing what is right, for they are walking the good road from above.


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