Sunday Worship: Meeting Each Other Again for the First Time

This Sunday PPUMC worships on TWO “campuses’!
A mighty contingent – nearly 50 strong – travels to Camp Koronis in Paynesville on winter retreat. 
The second gathering is, per usual, at 22 Orlin Av S where we’ll keep the home fires burning!
Whichever group you choose to join, you can anticipate one thing:

We will know each other better on the way out than we did on the way in the door.
It is the theme of our time together this Sunday, whether near or far, to talk, to play, to wonder together. To quite literally put our heads together, knowing that 2 heads are better than one (imagine 7 times 70!) and that we are so much wiser, funnier, clearer, truer, richer, more informed, faithful, complete and comprehensive together than we can possibly be one by one.
God is on retreat!
God is in the house!
That’s worth showing up for!

Safe travels! See you Sunday!!,
I’ll be here in town,
Pastor Chris