A Message from Bishop Bruce Ough

A Message from Bishop Bruce Ough

Greetings, Friends: you may have already seen various media accounts or read an assortment of online postings in relation to last week’s announcement of a possible plan to form a new structure within The United Methodist Church. A diverse, 16-member group of United Methodist bishops and other leaders has offered a proposal that would preserve The United Methodist Church while allowing traditionalist-minded congregations to form a new denomination.

Earlier this week, Bishop Bruce Ough of the UMC Dakotas-Minnesota Episcopal Area, shared his perspective on the proposal through an in-depth Q&A posted on the Minnesota Annual Conference website; we would like to make those reflections available to you here at https://bit.ly/2QFNuXS.

In his remarks, Bishop Ough states: “In the Dakotas-Minnesota Area, we have been talking for some time about looking at all of the debate that’s been going on as God trying to birth something new. So I’m taking the position that maybe this is an answer to that prayer. It feels at the moment as if it’s a breakthrough, even as difficult as it is to think about us breaking relationships and separating from one another.”

Again, the full text of Bishop Ough’s message can be found by clicking here.

It is important to note there is much yet to be decided, some of which will take place right here in Minneapolis in May during the church’s quadrennial worldwide General Conference gathering.  In the same light, we will continue to share, explore and dialogue as a congregation and community on the many activities taking place.  Thank you for your continued prayers for wisdom and thoughtful discernment at all levels within the United Methodist Church.  

-PPUMC Communications Team