UMC Creation Justice Tips: Thank You, God!

UMC Creation Justice Tips: Thank You, God!

Thank You, God!
In the midst of the incessant onslaught of bad news, it’s time to give thanks for all that is good.

Challenge family and friends to swap out a traditional meat-based dish for one from plants. In a four-person household, making the change just once a week is the equivalent of removing the emissions from driving a car for five weeks. You’ll have more to celebrate and be thankful for.

Are you regularly in a queue to pick up a child or grandchild from school? Fluctuating temperatures can entice you to turn on the engine one day to run the air conditioner and the next to crank up some heat. Emissions from idling cars, however, send particulates into the air, which research has shown negatively affects the cognitive development and performance of children. Keep the engine off while you wait.

Businesses have a greater impact toward a more sustainable future than individuals. But each of us can have an impact on businesses. When you need to make a purchase, shop for the company not just the product. Support businesses that practice sustainability in their products and production. Purchase from ones that care and give back. Here’s one example: Who Gives a Crap.

You want to be a good neighbor and pick up your dog’s poop. But the usual plastic bag lasts and lasts and lasts in a landfill. When it does finally break down, it becomes harmful microplas-tics. Here’s an alternative: Use plant-based, compostable poop bags. You can be a good neighbor to the earth.

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