The Healing Power of Song

The Healing Power of Song

As Pastor Chris notes in her Prospectus reflection, this year’s Lenten season is unlike any other as we move toward and through the one-year anniversary of the pandemic ‘lock-down.’ The impact of this collective experience will be felt for years, if not decades to come; yet, we continue to hold fast to each other through our collective gatherings, worship services, meditations…and music.

Throughout the ages, music has been at the very heart of helping people survive and persevere throughout countless challenges, bringing voice to the struggle and hope for more promising times ahead. It has been no different during this time of COVID-19, with people around the planet sharing their collective talents from the earliest days of the pandemic in an effort to comfort, support and heal our world, our neighborhoods…and ourselves.

Researchers at Western University in London – and others around the world – remind us: “Music is universal – no human culture exists without it. Even if we only tap or move along, our universal response to music is to join in.”

They continue, “The interpersonal synchrony that we achieve through making music links our minds and bodies, enhancing social cohesion, bonding and other positive outcomes.” In other words, music connects us in countless ways…even in the midst of a pandemic.

That is our hope each week as the PPUMC Choir continues to gather online, bringing our music into the
world in whatever way possible…and anticipating the time when we can once again meet in person! All are welcome to join us – please feel free to contact me anytime at