Service Project Update: Afghan Refugees in MN

Service Project Update: Afghan Refugees in MN

Did you know?

  • 578 people have arrived in MN since September, that’s 163 families.
  • The state of MN houses new arrivals at a hotel in Bloomington where they await placement in apartments or houses. 499 individuals have stayed at the hotel.
  • 211 are currently at the hotel.
  • 288 people have moved out and are in permanent housing.
  • 55% of the people at the hotel are children. At any given time of day you can find someone wanting to play Uno with you!
  • Staff and volunteers have set up a complete clothing thrift store at the hotel for the benefit of the refugees.

How can you help?

  • Donate items. All donations should be brought to: Holiday Inn Express, 7770 Johnson Avenue South, Bloomington. The front desk is open 24/7.

During the month of December PPUMC raised $1,097.28 for the International Institute of MN’s Afghan Refugee fund. The Institute is helping with housing, job placement and legal issues. Thank you PPUMC’ers!