Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings

Luke 6:17-26, The Voice and The Tree of Life Version

17 The whole crowd of disciples (including the 12 now designated as His emissaries) came down together, and they stood on a level area nearby. They were joined by an even greater crowd of people who had come from across the whole region – from all of Judea, from Jerusalem, and more from the coastal areas of [Lebanon].

18 All of them had come to hear Him and to be healed of their many diseases. Even those disturbed by defiling spirits were being healed. 19 Everyone in the crowd was trying to touch Him, because power flowed from Him and He was healing them all. 20 And looking up at His disciples, Jesus said,

24 All you who are rich now, you are in danger for you have received your comfort in full.
25 All you who are full now, you are in danger for you shall be hungry.
All you who laugh now, you are in danger for you shall grieve and cry.
26 And when everyone speaks well of you, you are in danger for their ancestors spoke well of the false prophets too.

20 All you who are poor, you are blessed for the kingdom of God belongs to you.
21 All you who are hungry now, you are blessed for your hunger will be satisfied.
All you who weep now, you are blessed for you shall laugh!
22 When people hate you, exclude you, insult you and write you off on account of the Son of Man, you are blessed. 23 For at that moment, you are experiencing what the ancient prophets did when they were similarly treated by the ancestors of your detractors.

27 If you’re listening, here’s My message: Keep loving… no matter what…


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