Olly, Olly, Oxen Free!

SCRIPTURE: Shining Light Tells The Good Story 25:25-36 (Luke 25:25-36)
First Nations Version, an Indigenous Translation of the New Testament

Verses 37-38: During the day Creator Sets Free (Jesus) would teach and tell his stories at the sacred lodge. Then at night he would go to where he was lodging on Olive Mountain. Then, in the morning, all the people would gather again at the lodge to listen to him.

25 “There will also be signs in the sun, moon, and stars, and on the earth the nations will tremble with fear. Panic and confusion will grow strong when they hear the sea roar and see the waves swell. 26 The people will shake with fear, and hearts will fall to the ground when they see what is happening to the world around them. Even the powers of the spirit-world above will tremble and shake. 27 “Then they will look up and see the True Human Being coming with power, riding on the clouds, and showing his shining-greatness!

28 “When you see all these things begin to happen, stand strong, my followers. Lift up your heads! For the time of your captivity will soon come to an end!”

29 Then [Creator Sets Free (Jesus)] told them a wisdom-story: “Look at this fig tree or any tree, and see what it is saying to you. 30 When the branches of a tree grow soft and buds appear, you know that it is nearly summer. 31 In the same way when you see these things happening, you will know that Creator’s good road is about to come into full bloom.

32 “I speak from my heart! All of this will happen to this generation, during the lifetime of the people who live today. 33 What I have told you is sure, for my words will last longer than the sky above and the earth below.

34 “So keep your eyes straight. Do not let your hearts fall to the ground. Do not give yourselves to drinking or worrying about your life’s possessions, or that day will take you by surprise. 35 For it will come without warning, to all who live on the land, like a beaver that is snared in a trap, 36 So stay watchful, praying that you will find a safe path through this time and stand strong before the True Human Being.”


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