Jesus, Healer: Miracles & Memorials

Jesus, Healer: Miracles & Memorials

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 8:5-13, The Voice Translation

Narration, the way the community of Matthew tells the story,

Centurion, a Roman military office in charge of about 100 foot soldiers,

Jesus, the Word and the Way.

5 Eventually Jesus came to the little town of Capernaum. In Capernaum a military officer came to Him and asked Him for help.

6 Lord, I have a servant who is lying at home in agony, paralyzed.

7 I will come to your house, and I will heal him.

8 Lord, I don’t deserve to have You in my house. And, in truth, I know You don’t need to be with my servant to heal him. Just say the word, and he will be healed. 9 That, after all, is how authority works. My troops obey me whether I am next to them or not…

10 Jesus was stunned by the depth of the officer’s faith.

(To His followers): This is the plain truth: I have not met a single person in Israel with as much faith as this officer. 11 It will not be just the children of Abraham [and Sarah]…, [Rachel and] Jacob who celebrate at their heavenly banquet at the end of time. No, people will come from the East and the West—and those who recognize Me, regardless of their lineage, will sit with Me at that feast. 12 But those who have feigned their faith will… weep and grind their teeth.

13 Then Jesus turned to the Centurion,

You may go home. For it is as you say it is; it is as you believe.

And the officer’s servant was healed, right then.


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