Project Mustard Seed: A new program for micro-funding community outreach ideas

The PPUMC Administrative Council has approved a new initiative called, Project Mustard Seed. This program is designed to encourage PPUMC members to propose and engage in activities that further the church’s mission through specific funding requests.

PPUMC’s mission states, “We seek to be an inclusive Christian community that affirms faith in God and spiritual growth with a commitment to justice and stewardship of God’s creation.” Named after Jesus’ well-known parable, Project Mustard Seed is designed to grow new and exciting engagement opportunities across the community.

Examples of potential projects include the purchase of books for a study group on racial equity, funding for a speaker series highlighting important issues in our community, scholarships for those interested in missional work, and much more. It is anticipated that initial grant amounts will range from $50 – $1,000.

The Project Mustard Seed application process begins June 1, with project proposals reviewed monthly. You’ll find complete details on the program, as well as the necessary application forms by visiting: