PPUMC Service Projects Update: Supporting Afghan Refugees

PPUMC Service Projects Update: Supporting Afghan Refugees

A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the February campaign to support Afghan refugees via the Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Services. PPUMC collected three carloads of goods. The MCC was especially grateful to receive two car seats and a wheelchair. Most of our donations were household goods: kitchenware and cleaning/laundry supplies to help newcomers set up their new homes.

Givers also contributed gift cards and a cash donation of $882. In prior months, we raised over $1250 for the International Institute of Minnesota to cover the direct costs of resettlement (rent payments, deposit, and other needed supplies) and to provide services (immigration legal support, finding housing, registering for school, securing health insurance, employment help, and other resources).

As a community we have raised money, provided volunteers and lifted many prayers in support of this caring work. We will continue to work and pray for these families newly arrived on American soil.

Thank you for your generous donations!

Special thanks to Rebekah Richards, Ginia Klamecki and Jan Ekern for leading our support.