Pastor’s Corner: November 2020

Pastor’s Corner: November 2020

Holy Moley, Friends!!
We are in motion!!
Make no mistake about it, we are going into winter with NO plans of hibernation.

In fact, I feel the need to remind us all that as we do our fall work of putting things in order for the long, cold season, we also will remember the basic safety guidelines that protect us from spreading the virus, which is again on the rise.

If you are planning to come to the church building, it is important you let Anna know to make sure we stay clear. Our many projects need to overlap safely, which requires communication. We as a body have chosen to convert rather than cancel many of the things that we do as a church community.

  • Our worship shifted to a Zoom format on March 15, and ever since, we’ve been learning ways to be interactive, so that we see and hear each other as we sing and pray. We have regular worshipers that live in other states now, each one beloved!
  • The Community Concert series has been redesigned and is already doing wonderful work! The funds raised by the September pairing, for example, have gone to Pratt, which sent a heartfelt “Thank you!” for money that will be spent on a field trip – when the time is right.
  • The Art Fair & Bazaar has been re-imagined as a celebration of bakers, crafters and artists from the PPUMC community and the community that has supported and enjoyed their creativity for years! November 1 – 8 are the browsing dates for these “care packages” which will bring a basket full of Art & Bazaar right into your home (or the home of a friend).
  • The choir is different! Members gather for Choir Practice (on Zoom) to sing together on “mute!” Have you heard the expression, “I believe in the sun even when it is not shining?” Well, singing in silence runs parallel. And this muted choir, produces music for worship when possible and will be heard in A Virtual Christmas Carol.
  • Another adaptation. There wasn’t a spring theater production and Christmas is coming… So, we are creating a video telling of the classic Dickens tale of Scrooge and his spirit visitors. More than 30 people are involved! One by one and two by two, scenes are taped. None of those involved will even see some of their scene partners until they watch the final production on screen mid-December. What was our Christmas Pageant Sunday, will be a viewing of our community project!
  • The staff has adapted in-person duties to virtual duties all the way across the board. Outreach has been Inreach (and another year’s grant applied for)! Office hours are kept from homes or onsite as necessary – with safety precautions taken at every turn. We haven’t been using the nursery. Our caretakers and the students in the parsonage continue to live in the PPUMC buildings, keeping our properties tended and warm.
  • Committees, teams and circles not only have continued, but some have formed to meet new needs. The trustees will be raking the church grounds. Administrative Council continues meeting and guiding decisions. Communications, Inreach/Outreach, Office management and Building care teams meet weekly to make certain that as we work separately, we are working together.
  • And there are brand new service projects imagined and being implemented. Just keep reading the November Prospectus!

There is more. I’m out of room.

Amidst the busy, I remind you of what I also need to hear: busy is good! And at the same time, you know what the flight attendants teach us: Put on your oxygen mask when you need it. Otherwise, you are not going to be a bit of good to anybody.

We are going through raw times. Kindness. Patience.
The Golden Rule.

And Jesus gets the last word: Love each other. That’s how they’ll know who we are.

Wild blessings,
Pastor Chris