Keep on Singing! (PPUMC Choir)

Keep on Singing! (PPUMC Choir)

As choir director here at PPUMC, I feel pretty darn comfortable speaking for the entire congregation when I say we ALL love to sing, especially when together in the sanctuary. Ah, those sweet sounds! Of course, it has been nearly two years since we’ve last shared that gift in person; and yet, we’ve created new ways to join our voices together in song every single week…and we will continue on that journey!

The reflection below comes from Liz Miller, pastor of Edgewood United Church in East Lansing, Michigan, who offers up her own perspective on what it means to sing out with courage, conviction…and much joy – wherever you are. Keep on singing!

Dave Nyberg,
PPUMC Choir Director

If You Want to Sing Out
(From Still Speaking Daily Devotional)

Be filled with the Spirit, as you sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, singing and making melody to the Lord in your hearts.
Ephesians 5:18b-19 (NRSV)

I come from a family that never lets our inability to carry a tune prevent us from singing as boldly and as often as possible. If melodious voices waft, ours cut through the air like strong cheese. Whether we are at a shopping mall or in Sunday worship, when a familiar song begins, we join in with the only dynamics we know – loud and unashamed.

I have a distinct childhood memory of sitting in a church pew, my mother and grandmother on either side of me, each of us bellowing the opening hymn. The person in front of us slyly glanced over their shoulder to see who belonged to the voices that stood out from the otherwise harmonious congregation. My mom made eye contact and offered a joy-filled grin as explanation.

The sacredness of church music has nothing to do with soaring soloists or tight harmonies. When we invite everyone gathered to turn to page 476 and unite our voices, we practice Christ’s all-inclusive love. There are no auditions required, only a willingness to risk the vulnerability of being heard.

Church is a place where children who are too young to read, adults who never learned to read music, and elders who have all the words memorized are invited to make music together in praise of our Creator. Singing reminds me that God gave me a voice; singing together gives me the courage to use it.

Liz Miller,
Pastor, Edgewood United Church
East Lansing, MI