Discussing Racism: Our Field Trip to the Science Museum

On Saturday October 15, 11 of us went to the Science Museum of MN to see the exhibit “Race: Are We So Different? with the intention of continuing the discussions we began in 2020 around racial justice.

We spent about 2 hours walking through the exhibit, where we learned about the science and history of race and listened to various perspectives on terms such as: virtue signaling, “colorblindness”, white fragility, and more. Hearing the varied perspectives from people of all races and ages proved to be insightful, and with a shared framework, we were able to have a rich and productive conversation afterwards. Though we were a small group, we had representation from at least three different generations, as well as BIPOC voices. I believe that we all learned a lot about how racism manifests in our world, and the awareness we all have now will shape our understanding and actions going forward.

Keep an eye out for future experiences surrounding this topic, and thank you to everyone who attended our first-ever activity through Project Mustard Seed!