Rooted: Spiritual Formation

Rooted: Spiritual Formation

Formerly known as Adult Education, this is space where we will take the time wrestle with scripture, theology, topics of interest and more.

All are welcome to come into the space to get rooted in the faith as we continue to grow in our walk with God.

When: ~10 minutes after Sunday worship
Where: Chapel and Online via Zoom

Below you will find the schedule for Rooted for May-June 2023:

May 7: Our Beliefs as UMC: Basics of Our Faith

We will be looking at the basics of the Christian Faith & what we believe as Methodists.

Our Christian Beliefs (UMC)
The United Methodist Church – Most Asked Questions (YouTube, 19:48)

May 14: No Session (Mother’s Day)
May 21: Our Beliefs as UMC: Sin

Discussing “sin” and understanding it from a biblical perspective.

Sin (YouTube, 5:42)

May 28: Our Beliefs as UMC: Confession/Forgiveness

Understanding what conviction is and how it should lead us into confession and seeking the forgiveness of God.

How do I Receive Forgiveness from God? | Prayer for Forgiveness of Sins | (YouTube, 4:12)
What is the Conviction of Sin? | What is Conviction of the Holy Spirit? | (YouTube, 4:39)

June 4: Our Beliefs as UMC: Salvation (Soteriology)

Understanding Salvation from a Wesleyan perspective.

United Methodist Beliefs: What does it mean to be saved? (UMC)

June 11: Our Beliefs as UMC: Wesleyan Concept of Grace

Breaking down Grace from a Wesleyan perspective.

The Wesleyan Concept of Grace (UMC)
What is grace? Is it different from peace? (UMC)
The Order of Salvation (YouTube, 5 videos)

June 18: No Session (Father’s Day)
June 25: Our Beliefs: Theology (Liberal vs Conservative)

Understanding the difference between a Conservative and Liberal viewpoint of Theology.

Theological Liberal vs Theological Conservative (YouTube, 16:24)