Walking on Water: What I did on my winter vacation

From Pastor Chris:

This Sunday’s reflection topic is “Walking on Water: What I did on my winter vacation.” I am so looking forward to sharing some of what I discovered as I wandered through renewal leave. And, of course, we will also sing and pray and talk together of many things central to our community.
Friends, I am so grateful for this time of renewal. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful, careful, loving work of the collection of people who contributed to worship while I was away. I am still learning about it all! And it is rich.
This has become a “Shmita” year for me. Shmita is an old Hebrew word associated with the concept of jubilee – an ancient seven year cycle of release and restoration. Imagine that every 7 years we cancelled our debts – literally, forgave our debtors – left our fields fallow to recover nutrients, reworked our relationships; re-committed to our greatest loves. Imagine! I’ll talk more about that on Sunday, and share other revelations from the files of a Sunday morning stranger.
See you in church!