Sunday Worship: Creating Gratitude

We have spoken of gratitude together many times.
Sunday morning worship will again dwell on this most life-giving discipline.
We will hear a reflection about how each one of us can develop a practice by which we can create the kind of gratitude that could steer our lives.
Worship will be led by Jeff Hammergren and the reflection delivered by Cassie Davies-Juhnke, Joy DeHarpporte, Jan Ekern and Ginia Klamecki. 
Kathy Webb will direct the choir.
Ann DeGroot will bring a report from Ad Council and introduce the Lenten reading (RISE UP! Spirituality for the Resistance) which we are invited to do together beginning March 8, 11:30 – 12:30 in the chapel.

Pastor Chris and Choir Director Dave are on vacation, returning for worship on Sunday, March 8. We’ll see you soon!