Rally Sunday

The weekend of September 10-11 is an exciting time to re-connect!

On Saturday there is a morning gathering, a Healthy Communications workshop (more details and registration information here), and on Sunday we worship and feast as we come together for Rally Sunday.
And not just any old Rally Sunday but the: We Are Still Here COVID Be Gone So Happy to See Your Whole Face Rally Sunday!

  1. We will worship.
  2. We will have a photo op for a new EVERYBODY IN THE SANCTURY shot from the balcony! And, we’ll add a Zoom screen shot to it for those who are worshiping from afar on that day!
  3. After worship we’ll head across the street for a potluck picnic, (bring a dish to share!) complete with a program presented by ministry team leaders. There is a playground nearby and sidewalk chalk to enjoy for the youngest among us, as well as a special feature: the chance to Ask The Pastors…anything. Let’s have some fun!

    For more information or to help with the potluck, email Ann DeGroot at ann.marie.degroot@gmail.com


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