Online Worship: When the Church is a Cloud

Cirrus. Stratus. Cumulonimbus.
If you’re a cloud that means you are:
Wispy. Layered. Puffy and piled up and bearing rain.
Clouds fill the heavens like sky-sheep sometimes.
Or sometimes the sky looks like a tundra swept with snow. Clouds flash with lightning and belch thunder. Clouds hoard and collect and get electrically charged, and then let go! Is there ever a sky without clouds? Does every cloud have a silver lining? We gather this morning as clouds on a horizon…a sign of hope rising. We gather in the name of a Creator which led a desperate people across a desert wilderness in the form of a cloud, a Creator still creating and still guiding us. In the Base Camp of our church community let’s do a little cloud gazing: When is church like a cloud! Together, we will keep the gift of Sabbath, sing and pray, reflect, refuel – and refresh our sense of reverence.


This summer we’re “trying on” metaphors for being church and discovering what informs us: Musical Instrument • Tree • Body • Ship • Cloud…
Organic, inorganic, mechanical, natural…
What do any of these ideas have to do with being church well
Today, let’s consider how these metaphors match our own visions of church.  

After worship conversations will be on Summer Vacation July & August.

For the first time since March 2020…
all are welcome to come to worship in-person on July 4!
Zoom will continue to be live!
We’ll be considering the metaphor of “Church as Family”
and enjoying a bit of a family reunion.
We’ll write again mid-week with details. Not to worry, there will be plans for a much more elaborate Re-Entry Celebration in the fall.

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