Online Worship: Easter

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Easter unplugged.
Those are the words that have been running through my heart.
Easter in small rooms. Easter confined.
I’ve mentioned that this year Easter feels like peering inside one of those sugar eggs that contain tiny dioramas, each one a household.
That is exactly what we intend to do Sunday morning.

We will gather by ZOOM at sunrise 6:30, FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE.
David and I will capture the view on Tower Hill, and we’ll see who else is there to share sunrises from WhoKnowsWhere!

Later, at 10:00 we will meet again through ZOOM to sing and pray and talk together.
During worship we will take time to peek at the “tableaus” inside various homes – ones that are willing to be seen.

SO…you might prepare! You might wear fancy clothes or adorn your environment. It might be about plants or flowers or rabbits or hats!
Whatever you’d like to share could be part of your tableau!

And as a grand finale to our Easter morning worship…
we share our joy with The Hallelujah Chorus!
We have found a beautiful video to sing along with.
If you’d like to practice, get in the mood, or simply enjoy some wild versions of this classic, peruse the list below.–  This video captures the wonder of what a virtual choir might “look”  like. It is the version we’ll be doing, in our own sort of way! – Neil Diamond – Played by a virtual organ! (no words) – Peterborough Chorus – With word-ing monks! – And, of course, the Roche Sisters!

Can’t wait to see you online Sunday!
Pastor Chris

For those without internet access or a smartphone, you can listen to the service. For those wishing to dial in by phone, the number to call is 1-301-715-8592; follow the prompts by entering the meeting ID: 200 490 023, then press the # key.  

For those with internet access, computer and/or smartphone, here are the webcast login instructions:
Beginning at 9:30 a.m., you can click on the following link to join worship through ZOOM on your computer or smartphone:
The site will connect you directly to the worship service with others attending online, and you will have the ability to participate through your computer’s camera and microphone.  Even if you have a computer that doesn’t include a camera or microphone, you can still join the service in watch-only mode. In case you need it, the meeting ID is: 200 490 023.

Cathy Velasquez Eberhart is available to assist with any questions related to the webcast at 651-587-5356, and by email:

We look forward to seeing you ONLINE for worship this Sunday!