Online Worship: Base Camp & Communion Sunday

…and Jesus said, “There is no reason to send them away. Give the people something to eat…”

Sunday is the first Sunday in August. We celebrate Communion and consider the story of Jesus and the Miracle of the Impromptu Picnic! It is a story told SIX times in the gospel! This one must be important. Let’s talk about why…and sing and pray and share at many tables – a present day remembering of those ancient “bring your own” meals.

You are invited to bring something to your own table as you join worship this morning –  something resembling Communion elements (bread and juice) or your own version of loaves and fishes – or a cup of tea… We will commune as we return to the Base Camp of our church community to rest, reflect, refuel, and restore our sense of reverence.

To join PPUMC online worship, click here:
Meeting ID (if requested):  890 2756 1222
The live feed begins at 9:30, with worship at 10 am.

For log-in questions prior to worship, please contact:
Cathy Velasquez Eberhart: 651-587-5356
Steve Ozanne: 612-986-4675 /

Audio-only dial-in: 1-312-626-6799 / meeting ID  890 2756 1222 #


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